“Curry is a drink”: Its unique name is much-talked about.

Curry is a drink(Curry ha Nomimono)” has several shops around Tokyo.

Its unique name was much-talked about and it became one of the most popular curry-specialized shops.

The shop was simply decorated and provides only 15 counter-seats.

You will select a type and quantity of your curry, purchase a ticket based on your preference, and hand the ticket to the staff.

Red chicken curry(赤い鶏カレー) 790 yen

Red chicken curry is Indian-style hot curry made with tomato and lamb mince as a base.

Its distinctive feature is watery and spicy.

It contains plenty of onion that was sautéed until it became totally black.

It has well-balanced flavors of spiciness and sweetness.

Black meat curry(黒い肉カレー) 890 yen

Many customers at the shop order a black meat curry.

This is an authentic European-style curry slowly simmered with ingredients together with fond de veau, a base broth of French cuisine.

Mascarpone cheese is used for a hidden flavor.

This is absolutely an exclusive dish.

You can choose three out of ten toppings, including seasoned egg, potato salad, and sautéed garlic.

It is also recommended to have curry with squeezed lemon, habanero, and powdered cheese on top.

Restaurant information

Name: Curry ha Nomimono(カレーは飲み物)
Address: 1-9-4 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Access: A four-minute walk from Akihabara Station on the JR Yamanote Line
Tel: +81-3-6912-8823
Opening hours: 11:00-16:00 and 17:30-21:30
Open daily
Smoking is not allowed at the restaurant.

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