Tokyo trip : A restaurant where you can eat the best lamb dishes

-Wide range of lamb dishes-

Yangshang Ajibo(羊香味坊) in Tokyo are always bustling with people who enjoy Northeastern Chinese cuisine and wine

The restaurant, in accordance with its name, offers a wide range of lamb dishes, as well as appetizer, dim sum, skewers, grilled dishes, noodles, and rice.

All these dishes go well with wine.

If you try many dishes here, you will understand how delicious lamb is.

You will be impressed, laugh, and be convinced by the broadness and depth of lamb fishes, capability of lamb and alcohol.

Salt-sautéed lamb with leek

This is a classical dish that many regular customers start and end with.

Simply sauté sliced lamb shoulder meat and leek with salt, black pepper, and Shaoxing wine.

Nothing else, but it will provide an impressively rich flavor.

This will be the most attractive dish.

1,296 yen

Lamb noodles

Diced lambs are floating in broth made from their bones.

If you slurp a mouthful of noodles, lamb umami will spread through your mouth as if you ate lamb alone.

It provides the most exquisite flavor.

1,080 yen

-The best lamb dishes-


Lam dishes are lined up on the table.

I was completely astonished by seeing all of them at once.

I want to talk about Yangshang Ajibo in Tokyo this time.

The restaurant becomes very popular right after its opening.

Its famous lamb skewers, a wide range of natural wine, and its red signboard attract people as if bugs were attracted to light.

The owner Liang is from Northeastern China.

He is also served as an ambassador of Australian lamb.

When it comes to lamb, people thought of Mongolian mutton barbecue before.

However, Ajibo serves a variety of lamb dishes that are cooked differently so that customers can enjoy full of different flavors of lamb.

That must be a big contribution of changing lamb image.

Mr. Liang said,

“I basically serve dishes with gentle flavors that I have learnt from my mother at Ajibo.”

“I usually cook lamb like Japanese people cook pork. You never get tired of eating lamb even every day. I don’t use any chemical seasonings so that all dishes are good for your health.”

He always comes up with new ideas and updates new menu items. I never get tired of the restaurant and always fell fresh, even I have visited here many times.

Boiled lamb head meat

Lamb head meat with bones are boiled in salty water.

The meat is divided into equal portions and served it on top with peanut sauce and coriander.

The simple flavor of the meat is coated with the rich and sticky sauce.

The meat will fall apart easily with your tongue and will have a firm, fiber texture and a pleasant aroma.

You can completely dig into the meat until its born, tendon, and skin.

Sparerib with hot sour soup

Sparerib are served with multi-layered flavorful soup with rich-flavored chili oil and a lot of ingredients in a hot pot. It will absolutely be a fulfilling dish.

You will be astonished by soup with complexed umami, including sharp sour flavor of homemade pickles and fermented tomato.

This is an excellent dish that you can enjoy its various flavors, gorgeous ingredients, and a little spiciness at once.

Charcoal-grilled lamb

Various parts of lamb are coated with perfectly mixed seasonings, which create a three-dimensional flavor of the dish.

You can enjoy umami of lightly burnt crispy horn and juicy that ooze from its fiber when you bite it, and pleasant aroma, crunchy texture of sesame seeds and cumin all together.

This will be perfectly pared with alcohol!

I strongly recommend to try this when you visit the restaurant for the first time.

Lamb bun

“Actually, it is difficult to wrap up the filling when you make lamb buns.

It will take some time for even chefs to master it.

However, mothers and grandmothers are very good at it because they make them every day.” said Mr. Liang.

Lamb bun is a homemade dish that reminds him of his childhood.

The roasted dough is crispy and the filling made with onion and lamb mince is very juicy.

If you dig into a bun in a hurry, you will surely burn your tongue.

Lamb noodles

Fat covering the surface of soup and plenty of cubed lamb meat together with coriander…

Pure white soup contains rich nutrients extracted from lamb and has pleasant saltiness and a rich flavor.

Homemade noodles have perfect rough and sticky texture and pleasant aroma of grain.

Lamb noodles are totally different from those of pork or chicken.

Honestly, this is so delicious that I think he can open a shop offering only lamb noodles and the shop will definitely be thriving!

Kindness and thoughtfulness, and various dishes with full of curiosity…

Even though he discloses their recipes, it is absolutely impossible to make them like him.

The reason is that the secret of deliciousness is superb natural seasonings and Mr. Liang himself.

-Restaurant infromation-

Yangshang Ajibo(羊香味坊)
Address: 3-12-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Access: A two-minute walk from JR Okachimachi Station
Opening hours: 11:30-22:30(L.O.)
13:00-22:30(L.O.) on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Open daily
Price range: staring from 3,000 yen
*Credit cards accepted.
Seats: 70 seats (Non-smoking)
Lunch menu will be offered between 11:30-14:30
Alcohol menu: draft beer (from 540 yen), a glass of wine (from 540 yen), a bottle of natural wine (from 2,700 yen), and shaojiu 10mg (162 yen)