Best 21 excellent ramen in Japan Shinjyuku, Tokyo

-Ramen Mecca Shinjyuku-

Five companies operate their lines through Shinjyuku Station in Tokyo.  Over 360 million passengers use this station very day.

This number was approved as a Guinness World Record.  Shinjuku is the busiest train station in the world.

Such busy Shinjuku area are crowded with more than 400 ramen shops.

Don’t you think that you will be confused which ramen shop to go?

“Don’t worry!  Please leave it to Shiori!  I’m a ramen enthusiast and foodie.”

I carefully selected 21 ramen shops whose ramen is loved by everyone regardless of nationality .

-Best 21 Excellent Ramen-

 No.1  Chicken Wantan Soba(鶏ワンタンそば) ¥1,030

 Shop score 82.5 
(Dishes 84.4    Atmosphere 81.6    
Cost performance 81.6) 

Sophisticated chicken soba with rich aroma and elegant touch

Noodles made from Japanese wheat and have a smooth texture and a flavor of wheat.

To make Wantan (dumpling), Chicken thigh is pounded and chopped.  Yuzu (citrus fruit) was added to it for a flavor.

The broth made with chicken produced in Aizu, Fukushima that is the owner Yamaguchi’s hometown is highly transparent enough to see the noodles.

The owner is totally committed to ingredients too such as juicy Char siu made with pork or chicken by using low temperature cooking and customized noodle made with Japanese wheat.

This dish is also recommended!

Chicken Tsuke Soba (¥900) is served after thin soba noodles are immersed into kelp water.

Therefore, the noodles won’t stick together over time.  Very nice!

Tukejiru (dipping soup) is made with chicken stock so that it has Japanese-style, gentle flavor.
Many customers
come to the shop every day and they sometimes stand in line.

The brown and white interior of the shop provides a calm atmosphere.

 Shop name 
Ramen Yamagushi(らあ麺 やまぐち)
Address: 2-11-13 Nishiwaseda, Shinjyuku-ku

Access: A six-minute walk from exit one of Nishiwaseda Station
Opening hours: 11:30-15:00 & 17:30-21:00 / 11:30-21:00(LO) on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Closed days: Mondays (If a public holiday falls on a Monday, the following Tuesday will be closed.)
Seat: 22 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)

 No.2  Special Salt-based Ramen with vegetables and chicken stock(香彩鶏だし特製塩ラーメン) ¥990

 Shop score 81.9 
(Dishes 82.6    Atmosphere 81.6    Cost performance 81.6) 

Carefully selected salt creates umami that customers become addicted to.

This ramen offers a pleasant aroma from chicken-stock flavored Char siu that is smoked by using sakura chips and an artistic color with mizuna (Japanese mustard greens) and chili pepper.

Its light flavor will enhance your appetite.

Its delicate taste made with broth elaborately simmered with chicken stock and special salt blended with French, Mongolian, Italian and Akaho’s natural salt have been attracted many return customers.

Soy-based ramen with rich aroma is also popular.

This dish is also recommended!

The shop’s concept is to enjoy both light and rich flavors of chicken.  Tsukemen with boiled egg with soy soy-sauce flavor and chicken white stock (¥890) is perfect to enjoy its rich flavor.

This rich and thick broth is simmered for nine hours.

 Shop name
Menya Sho(麺屋 翔)

Address: 7-22-34 Nishishinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku

Access: A five-minute from exit D5 of Shinjukunishiguchi Station
Opening hours: 11:00-15:00 & 18:00-23:00 /11:00-15:00 & 17:00-21:00(LO) on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Closed days: None
Seat: 18 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3364-5787

 No.3  Grilled Ago & Salt-based Ramen(焼きあご塩らー麺) ¥800

 Shop score 81.5 
(Dishes 81.8    Atmosphere 81.6    Cost performance 81.2) 

Umami from grilled ago (flying fish) stimulates customer’s appetite.

For its finishing touch, add oil extracted from grilled ago(flying fish).

Ago’s rich flavor as if you ate a whole ago will spread through your mouth.

Pork libs produced in Japan are used to make meltingly delicious Char siu.

You can enjoy grilled ago-based ramen made from flying fish from Hirado at this shop.

The broth is mixed with pork bone based stock, grilled ago and umami from several fish stocks.

In addition, Koshihikari steamed rice (¥100) that is polished here every morning is a dish that the shop is proud of.

Many return customer make chazuke (rice soup dish) with the leftover broth.

 Shop name
Address:1F KK Building, 1-27-3 Kabuki-cho, Shinjyuku-ku

Access: One-minute walk from Seibu Shinjyuku Station or a five-minute walk from the east exit of Shinjuku Station
Opening hours: 11:00-5:00 on the following day (LO4:30)
Closed day: None
Seat: 13 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-6457-3328

 No.4  Wantanmen(ワンタンメン) ¥900

 Shop score 80.9 
(Dishes 81.6    Atmosphere 80.8    Cost performance 80.4) 

nutritious broth and rich meat wantan

Seafood slightly penetrate into chicken umami, which leaves an aftertaste.

Aroma from Char siu broiled by a burner brings out the flavor.

Wantan filling that has a texture of raw wheat is popular too.

The owner’s hobby was visiting ramen shops and trying various ramen.  He chose Shina Soba Kazuya in Meguro for his training shop.

His goal is making authentic Tokyo soy-sauce based ramen.  You will enjoy ramen that is handed down the taste of Shina Soba Kazuya but is added to original touch.

Sina soba (¥700) and original miso (¥850) are popular too.

 Shop name
Menya Yu(麺屋 悠)

Address: Tsuchida Building Annex 1F, 1-23-11 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku

Access: A two-minute walk from the south exit of Okubo Station
Opening hours: 11:30-14:00(LO) & 18:00-20:30(LO) / 11:30-15:00(LO) on Saturdays and public holidays
Closed days: Sundays
Seat: 8 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3365-5656


 No.5  Sonomama Shrimp Salt (Thick noodles) そのままえびしお(太麺)  ¥780

 Shop score 81.7 
(Dishes 81.8    Atmosphere 81.6    Cost performance 81.6) 

Shrimp Ramen from Sapporo

Your mouth will be full with shrimp’s flavor in one go when you have a bite.

Powder made from roasted shrimp head enhances its flavor more.

Tempura bits flavored with red pickled ginger provides a perfect kick to it.

This famous ramen shop in Sapporo opened a new shop in Shinjuku in 2013.

For the broth, you can choose one from three different levels of strength of shrimp flavor.

Then, you can choose one from miso, salt, soy sauce for a broth base.

Furthermore, you can select thick or thin noodles.

You can enjoy various flavors of the ramen depending on the combination.

For the finishing, putting a rice ball cooked with shrimp stock(¥160) into the broth to make a porridge is recommended.

 Shop name

Address: 7-8-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Access: A three-minute walk from the exit D5 of Shinjukunishiguchi Station
Opening hours: 11:00- 23:00(LO)
Closed days: Wednesdays
Seat: 13 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-5937-4155

 No.6  Kyomurasaki Chuka Soba(京紫中華そば)  ¥780

 Shop score 81.3 
(Dishes 81.6    Atmosphere 81.0    Cost performance 81.2) 

Brown broth made with soy sauce produced in Kyoto ¥780

The broth is made from soy sauce of Sawai Shoyu Honten that has been in business in Kyoto since 1879.

The broth is made from dark soy sauce.  This rice flavor of soy sauce goes perfectly well with seafood stock.

For the spice, pleasant flavor of green onion from Kujo, Kyoto is added.

Murasaki means soy sauce.  In other words, the name of the shop, Kyomurasaki, means soy sauce made in Kyoto.  The menu items here are mainly soy-sauce based flavors.  Ingredients such as noodles and spices are also produced in Kyoto.

 Shop name 
Kyomurasaki Tokaryouran(京紫灯花繚乱)

Address:1F 4-7 Yotsuya, Shinjyuku-ku

Access: A four-minute walk from Yotsuyasanchome Station
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00(LO)
Closed days: None
Seat: 25 seats (counter-seats 13 & table-seats 12 and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3357-2221


 No.7  Tokunose Chuka (Regular size)得のせ中華(並)  ¥1,110

 Shop score 81.5 
(Dishes 82.6    Atmosphere 80.2    Cost performance 81.6) 

Excellent ramen ceated by noodles beat with a bamboo

For the finishing, add the first stock extracted from dried bonito flacks to enhance aroma and richness of Chuka.

This is a filling dish including main ingredient, soba, and three slices of Char siu, seasoned boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and five sheets of flesh nori (seaweed) with a pleasant flavor for toppings.

The shop opened in October, 2014.

The owner studied how to Chuka soba by himself.  His goal was to make noodles that he ate near Sakata.  Yamagata, his hometown.

Soy sauce based broth with dried sardine’s aroma has a nostalgic, light flavor.

Homemade noodles beat by blue bamboo will be prepared after having every order.  They are greatly springy and uniquely twisted.

 Shop name 
Chuka Soba Hayama(中華そば 葉山)

Address: 1 Ichigayayakuoji-machi, Shinjuku-ku

Access: A three-minute walk from the east exit of Ushigomeyanagichou Station
Opening hours: 11:30-15:00(LO) and 11:30-17:30(LO)on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Closed days: Fridays, the second and the fourth Thursdays of each month
Seat: 7 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: Not disclosed

 No.8  Shoyu(醤油) ¥750

 Shop score 82.1 
(Dishes 83.0    Atmosphere 81.8    Cost performance 81.6) 

Determined, authentic soy sauce based ramen made by the young owner!

The broth contains chicken in Hakata, and chicken in Kumamoto, kelp in Urasu, and clams.

The sauce is made with six types of soy sauce including one in Shizuoka with a rich flavor.

Noodles and toppings has continuously been changed for improvement.

Shoyu is the most popular and simple ramen that is served Cho siu and bamboo shoots on top.

The young and handsome owner who made ramen has been studied about its taste since he was a university student.

He carefully selects ingredients such as local chicken and kelp, doesn’t add any synthetic seasonings for the broth, and uses homemade noodles.

This ramen is made with his professional skills.  It is hard to believe his is young.

 Shop name 
Menan Chitose(麺庵 ちとせ)

Address: 18-5 Ichigayadai-machi, Shinjuku-ku

Access: A seven-minute from the exit A2 of Akebonobashi Station
Opening hours: 11:30-15:30(LO)
Seat: 7 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: Not disclosed


 No.9  Special Beef Bone Noodle(特製牛骨麵)  ¥1,000

 Shop score 80.9 
(Dishes 81.4    Atmosphere 80.8    Cost performance 80.6)

Light ramen with a rich flavor of beef bone

The broth is mainly extracted from beef born.

Wagyu roast beef with a diameter of 12 cm is placed on top.  This sous vide beef is tender.

This is an unforgettable ramen with a light flavor but full of umami.

The owner honed his skills as a Washoku chef for a long time.  His motto is to compete on the flavors of ingredients.

Ramen on the menu are two types: beef born or pork born broth.  The both broths go well with thin, straight noodles.

The broth extracted from pork born and seafood such as dried bonito flacks and scallops are used for Special Pork Bone Noodle (¥850).

 Shop name 
Menya Nishikawa(麺屋 西川)

Address: 2F 2-12 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjyuku-ku

Access: An eight-minute walk from Yotsuyasanchome Station
Opening hours: 11:00-15:00(LO) & 18:00-24:00 (LO) and 11:00-15:00(LO)on Sundays
*Until broth lasts
Closed days: irregular
Seat: 22 seats (counter-seats 6 & table-seats 16 and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3356-5559

 No.10  Thick Chicken & Pork Soba(濃厚鶏豚そば)  ¥750

 Shop score 74.8 
(Dishes 76.4    Atmosphere 73.0    Cost performance 75.0)

Thick, high quality broth made from pork born and chicken

The broth made from pork born and chicken stock is stirred by a blender to make it thick but still light.

Char siu marinated with homemade spices and left overnight makes you smile as you eat it.

The owner worked a famous ramen shop for 10 years.  As the name suggests, he is committed to broth made from chicken and pork born.

Since the broth is creamy and easy to drink, it is so popular that female and overseas customers come to the shop too.

Chicken Salt-based Soba (¥750) with light and clear broth and six kinds of completely homemade gyoza (¥380 each) are also popular.

 Shop name
Toritonkotsuichigaku(鶏豚骨 一學)

Address: 3-9 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku

Opening hours: 11:00-4:00(LO) of the following day
Closed days: None
Seat: 10 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-6457-7621


 No.11  Chuka Soba (Lard for a topping)中華そば(背脂トッピング)  ¥780

 Shop score 81.7 
(Dishes 81.8    Atmosphere 81.8    Cost performance 81.6)

Gentle flavor that makes you feel relieved

The light broth becomes richer and perfectly hearty by adding lard that is free of charge for a topping.

Mouth-melting Char siu and flat noodles creates an excellent harmony.

This is a sister shop of Tanaka Shoten.

The theme at the shop is “gentle ramen”.  Simple Chuka Soba is a popular menu item.

Flat noodles inspired by Inaniwa udon (wheat flour noodle) goes well with broth with a light flavor but full of umami.

If you like a rich flavor, you can add chicken oil or lard for a topping for free.

 Shop name 

Address: 6-8-23 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku

Access: A three-minute walk from the exit 1 of Kagurazaka Station or the exit A3 of Ushigomekagurazaka Station
Opening hours: 11:00-21:00(LO)
Closed days: None
Seat: 13 seats (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-5579-2167

 No.12  Wantanmen(雲吞麺)  ¥1,000

 Shop score 80.7 
(Dishes 81.6    Atmosphere 80.4    Cost performance 80.0)

A long-established shop whose wantan are impressed by those who are a connoisseur of wantan

The shop’s popular menu item includes five homemade wantan whose sticky filling is covered by soft and moist dough.

Crispy thin noodles go well with broth full of umami of chicken and salt.
The shop has been passed down the taste for 35 years, since its opening.

The most popular menu item is Wantanmen(雲呑麺).

Ingredients for the wantan filling, including pork and chicken mince, green onion, and mushroom, are kneaded with Shaoxing wine and oyster sauce.  Many customers come to the shop to eat this delicious wantan.

 Shop name 
Sinasobaya Kouya(支那そば屋 こうや)

Address: 1-23 Yotsuya, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A four-minute walk from Yotsuya Station
Opening hours: 11:30-23:00(LO 22:00)
Closed days: Sundays, Mondays, and public holidays
Seats: 70 (counter-seats 10 & table-seats 60 and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3351-1756


 No.13  Chicken Paitan Salt Soba(鶏白湯塩そば) ¥880

 Shop score 81.3 
(Dishes 81.8    Atmosphere 81.6    Cost performance 80.4)

Elegance and creation of chicken umami

Chicken wings are simmered for over eight hours to make thick umami condensed chicken paitan broth.

This is a powerful ramen that you can enjoy a simple but rich flavor.

Please dip vegetables such as red leaf lettuce, steamed chicken, and twisted noodles in this thick broth to eat them together.

Seasoned soft boiled egg of Benikujyaku, a premium egg, has rich egg yolk that has an addictive taste.

Kageyama is a ramen specialized shop operated by Kageyamarou, famous Chinese restaurants in Jiyugaoka and Ebisu.

Even female single customer can comfortably enjoy a ramen here due to its elegant interior.

 Shop name

Address: 1-4-18 Takadanobaba, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A five-minute walk from the exit 2 of Nishiwaseda Station or a seven-minute walk from the Waseda exit of Takadanobaba Station
Opening hours: 11:00-23:00 and 11:00-22: 30(LO 22:00) on Sundays and public holidays
*Until broth lasts
Seats: 14 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-6457-3160

 No.14  Traditional Taiwanese Mixed Soba(元祖台湾まぜそば) ¥810

 Shop score 81.5 
(Dishes 82.2    Atmosphere 80.8    Cost performance 81.6)

Attractive complexed taste that customers are addicted to

Taiwanese mincemeat, Chinese chive, and garlic have a kick to it.

However, if you mix all together, it will change its flavor into a perfectly complexed flavor of seasoning oil made from dried shrimp and dried scallop and fish powder.

This popular shop has several shops in other cities such as Aichi and this is the first shop in Tokyo.

The best recommended dish here is Taiwanese mixed soba that the owner created and became local special noodles in Nagoya.

Taiwanese mincemeat made with beef and pork will stimulate your appetite.

I can see the owner’s commitment towards dishes everywhere.  For example, the surface of extremely thick noodles containing whole wheat is scored after being boiled to absorb the sauce well.

 Shop name 
Menya Narabi(麺屋 はなび)

Address: 1F Cosmos Building, 2-8-16 Okubo, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A five-minute walk from the exit 3 of Nishiwaseda Statio
Opening hours: 11:30-14: 00 & 18:00-21:30 / 11:00-15:00 & 18:00-21: 00 on Saturdays and Sundays
*LO: 10 minutes before the end of each closing time)
Closed days: The second and the fourth Tuesdays of each month
Seats: 11 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-6278-9995


 No.15  Rich Takatora Tsukemen (Large)濃厚鷹虎つけ麺(大盛)  ¥1,150

 Shop score 78.1 
(Dishes 80.4    Atmosphere 77.2    Cost performance 76.6)

Fully enjoy seafood & animal based broth

Its unique feature is sticky dipping sauce mixed with animal based broth extracted from pork born and venison and broth made from several seafood that are coated well with noodles.

You can have up to 1kg noodles for the same price!

You can enjoy rich dipping sauce mixed with seafood and animal broth with noodles.  This combination broth is unique for Menya Musashi group whose main shop is in Shinjuku.

Smooth and springy middle thick noodles have a chewy texture.

Hot Rich Takatora Tsukemen (¥1,170) is also popular. A limited menu item making it spicier will be released soon.

 Shop name 
Menya Musashi Takatora(麺屋武蔵 鷹虎)

Address: 2-19-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: One-minute walk from the Waseda exit of Takadanobaba Station
Opening hours: 11:00-22:30(LO)
Closed days: None
Seats: 15 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-5273-0634

 No.16  Tsukemen (Regular)つけめん(並)  ¥850

 Shop score 81.8 
(Dishes 82.8    Atmosphere 81.0    Cost performance 81.6)

Higher quality of the famous shop’s taste

Plenty of Char siu and bamboo shoots is found in subtle sour and sweet dipping sauce.

The owner worked at Chuka Soba Benten that used to be in Takadanobaba to lean about ramen. He prepares and cooks dishes by himself, so the shop opens only for three hours at lunch.

Noodles is made by a noodle making machine inherited by Benten.

Noodles have a springy and smooth texture after leaving them overnight for aging.

The shop has always a long line even on weekdays.  Its classic popular dishes are tsukemen and ramen.

In addition, its excellent salt ramen (¥900) has been loved by many long-term fans.

 Shop name 
Homemade Chuka Soba Toshioka(自家製中華そば としおか)

Address: 20 Benten-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A five-minute walk from the exit 1 of Waseda Station
Opening hours: 11:00-14:00
*Until supplies last
Closed days: Sundays
Seats: 8 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)


 No.17  Kake Pork Soba(掛け豚そば) ¥830 plus seasoned egg(味たまご) ¥100

 Shop score 80.9 
(Dishes 81.6    Atmosphere 81.0    Cost performance 80.2)

Famous double broth that has a strong presence

Sweetness of onion makes a perfect kick to the double broth with intensive animal and seafood flavors.

This double broth also goes well with thin noodles.

A seasoned egg is recommended for a topping.

Well-versed ramen enthusiasts are impressed by this double broth extracted from pork born and seafood and it is extremely popular in Takadanobaba.

Kake Pork Soba is a classic menu item at the shop.  Its sticky broth with seafood flavor goes well with a condiment of onion.

Flacked Char siu is coated well with noodles and is so delicious.  Some fans come to the shop to have this Char siu.

 Shop name 

Address: 4-2-31 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: One-minute walk from the exit Toyama of Takadanobaba Station
Opening hours: 11:00-22:30(LO)
Closed days: None
Seats: 12 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3366-0631

 No.18  Oigatsuoshoyu Sirohachimen(追い鰹醤油 しろ八麺 ) ¥930

 Shop score 80.5 
(Dishes 81.6    Atmosphere 80.0   Cost performance 80.0)

Natural, healthy ramen

The broth is extracted from soy sauce produced in Okuizumo, Shimane, fresh chicken carcass, whole chicken, and bonito flakes.

It has an intensive flavor of soy sauce.

Char siu made from Canadian pork called seven colored pork is delicious too.

Ramen made based on a concept of eating them without worry don’t use any chemical additives, even their noodles and sauces.

Its transparent broth is made from purely natural ingredients such as vegetables and bonito flakes.

Monthly, seasonal vegetables on the side are provided too.

I can catch a glimpse of the commitment towards food at the shop.

 Shop name
Shunmen Sirohachi(旬麺 しろ八)

Address: Sansara Third Gyoen 101, 1-12-1 Sinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: One-minute walk from the exit 2 of Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station
Opening hours: 11:30-21:00 / 11:30-17:00(LO) on Saturdays
Closed days: Sundays and public holidays
Seats: 10 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3341-0207


 No.19  Vegie Tsukemen(ベジつけ麺) ¥990

 Shop score 81.8 
(Dishes 82.2    Atmosphere 81.6    Cost performance 81.6)

Innovative tsukemen based on a theme of vegetables

You can select one of two tsuke sauces: shrimp and tomato or chicken and ginger.

Fresh seasonable vegetables are garnished with the tsukemen.

Noodles containing tapioca offer an addictive texture.

Menu only for dinner.

You can fully enjoy “tsukemen together with vegetables” made by Mr. Shono whose creative ramen such as MENSHO has been making many people impressed and surprised.

Vegie Tsukemen made with 20 kinds of seasonal vegetables produced in Japan is very healthy.

The shop is popular among people of all ages, not only male but also female customers.

 Shop name
Menya Shono(麺や 庄の) Gotsubo

Address: 1-32-15 Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A three-minute walk from the exit 2 of Shinjyuku Gyoenmae Station
Opening hours: 11:00-15:00(LO) & 17:00-22:00(LO)
Closed days: Sundays
Seats: 6 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-6388-9227

 No.20  Shou Ramen(醤油ラーメン) ¥700

 Shop score 81.1 
(Dishes 81.2    Atmosphere 81.2    Cost performance 80.8)

Pursuing ramen with a rich flavor by using high-quality lard

Adding sweetness and aroma of tender lard into its light broth enhances its richness.

It has full of umami and is not heavy even using lard.

Green onion brings kick to it.

Fine lard drops of the same size look beautiful.

Although people usually think lard broth is heavy, I can smoothly drink this broth because of being minimized peculiar pork taste.

The combination of this and light broth extracted from pork born, chicken carcass, and aromatic vegetables is fantastic.

You can request hardness of noodles, strength of taste, and quantity of lard as you like when ordering a ramen.

 Shop name 
Ramen Misato(らーめん味里)

Address: Toyama Heights 119, 2-33 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A four-minute walk from the exit B2 of Higashi Shinjyuku Station
Opening hours: 11:30-20:30(LO)
Closed days: Sundays
Seats: 10 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-6273-8678

 No.21  Niboshi Ramen(煮干ラーメン) ¥850

 Shop score 81.8 
(Dishes 82.2    Atmosphere 81.6    Cost performance 81.6)

Famous niboshi (dried sardine) shop that has been developed further

Over 70g dried sardine that has carefully been selected is used for this unique ramen.

Two types of noodles are in this ramen: medium thick, twisted noodles whose springy texture is addictive and super wide noodles.

Luckily, you can have 180g or 280g of noodles for the same price.

The famous shop located in the Golden Gai district, is regarded as the best dried sardine-based ramen and has been loved by many fans.

About 20 kinds of dried sardine that are carefully selected all over Japan are uniquely blended to create this super rich and thick broth.

Dripping spicy sauce full of sardine extract into the broth makes the ramen high completion.

 Shop name 
Sugoi Niboshi Ramen Nagi(すごい煮干ラーメン凪)

Address:2F, 1-1-10 Kabuki-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A five-minute walk from the exit B9 of Shinjuku Sanchome Station or an eight-minute walk from the east exit of Shinjyuku Station
Opening hours: 24 hours
Closed days: None
Seats: 10 (counter-seats only and non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3205-1925


What do you think of all the listed ramen?

Don’t you think these ramen stimulate your appetite?

There are more than soy sauce, miso, and salt for ramen broth.

New ramen broth, such as pork born, shrimp, and tomato, has continuously been created.

In addition, noodles aren’t always in ramen broth.

For tsukemen, noodles are served on the side.

Mazesoba doesn’t have broth and is served only with ingredients.

You can find various types of ramen.

This variety is one of ramen’s attractions.

When you visit Tokyo, please try some of these 21 ramen that I have introduced this time.


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