A French restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo, offering dishes cooked with sincerity and natural wine

The restaurant is situated in quiet Kannonura(観音裏) area and its Japanese-style exterior fits into its surroundings…

After passing through noren (shop doorway curtain), you will be at a small French restaurant run by a married-couple.

A French Monsieur who lives nearby is being seated at the counter.

Madames from an old town in Tokyo are chatting in a gentle manner over a meal.

One and half years has passed since its opening.

The restaurant has already been familiar with the locals.

The husband Mr. Takeshi Tsubaki is in charge of cooking.

A variety of textures and flavors are added to his dishes, for instance, sautéed white asparagus sprinkled over cream with sea snails, served with leek and cherry leaf frit, and firefly squid.

You may feel this looks too much but the gentle and kind flavors will spread slowly through your mouth when you eat it.

In addition, superb natural wine selected by the wife Sumiko will make you relaxed by gradually penetrating your body when you drink with a dish.

I felt that natural wine with a gentle flavor and umami (pleasant taste) went well with the chef’s dishes.

You can enjoy a course meal or as à la carte with wine.

I was moved by their hospitality for responding customer’s requests flexibly, such as serving a half-portion to a single customer.

“We fell in love with this location, so we opened our restaurant here in Asakusa, even we were strangers to the area.”

“We were grateful even that the locals were welcomed us.” said Takeshi.

They named the restaurant “Simiiru (touch one’s heart), because they want to make their restaurant impress visitor’s hearts. Their thought has gradually been penetrating into the town.

Restaurant details
Address: 4-14-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
*A 12-minute walk from Asakusa Station

Opening hours: 18:00-23:00(L.O.) *Note: 12:00-14:30(L.O.) and 18:00-22: 00(L.0.) on Sundays.
Closed on Mondays (and irregularly)
Price: Course meal starting from 5,400yen
Credit cards accepted
Seats: counter 7 and table 8