Tokyo trip: A hideaway tempura restaurant where a relationship between a couple becomes closer

White wood counter in a dim interior.  The atmosphere like this was found in a multi-tenant building.

On arrival of the restaurant address, there was a filthy multi-tenant building.

There was no signboard either.

Even going up the stairs to the third floor, there was just a simple iron door.

However, behind the iron door is exactly Nakameguro Iguchi Agaru(中目黒いぐち 上ル).

Its sophisticate, modern Japanese-style atmosphere, as if white wood counter was floating in the dark, was totally different from its exterior in the filthy multi-tenant building.

Once being seated at a counter seat, my anxiety for getting lost that I felt before suddenly changed to relief.

At that moment, I was free myself from tension.

The atmosphere where a relationship between a couple becomes closer

While the interior at a tempura restaurant is usually bright, here is dark.

The interior here, including the wall, floor, and chairs, is all jet-black color. Therefore, it looks even darker.

This darkness is derived from the owner’s consideration: female customers don’t need to worry to become red face after drinking alcohol.

Indeed, women can not only hide areas that they don’t want anyone to see but also enhance their gloss.

As a result, your girlfriend can be relaxed and will have a lively conversation.

There is no background music here. Only sounds of deep-drying and conversations among customers are reverberating inside the restaurant.

If you have as many as 23 small portion of tempura and other dishes together with alcohol drinks in such atmosphere, the relationship between the two will deepen around the middle of the course.

Nobody will notice if a couple holds hands each other under the counter or talks something seriously about their relationship.

Even the owner said, “Many couples had a good time here.”

Dishes that helps brighten the mood of a couple

Omakase course for 4,980 yen only

The omakase course includes 23 dishes, including foie gras croquette, white chicken soup simmered for as long as eight hours, and classic tempura such as shrimp and sweet potato.

Lightly deep-fried carrot Kakiage.

Ingredients of Kakiage (mixed tempura) will vary depending on the season.

Anago don (rice with conger eel tempura and sauce) will be served in the middle of the course.

The restaurant uses the latest deep fryer that is able to make tempura as if it was steamed.
Therefore, seafood that contains plenty of moist can be juicy after being deep-fried.

Fresh couples can get closer at a hideaway restaurant that is situated in a surprising location.

The restaurant has no signboard, even in a multi-tenant building.

Such thrill before entering the restaurant will help the couple have the sense of unity like when they pass through a suspension bridge.

Restaurant information

Name: Nakameguro Iguchi Agaru(中目黒いぐち 上ル)
Address: 3F AZABU YOU Tanaka Building, 2-1-10 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-50-2018-3414
Type: Washoku Tempura
Opening hours: 17:00-(L.O.23:00)
Closed days: Open daily
Seats: 18 (including counter-seats 8)