Tokyo trip | Izakaya (Japanese-style pub) where everybody feel comfortable


Maruchiba(丸千葉) offers a wide range of delicious dishes at reasonable prices such as tuna chunks (600 yen)…

and potato & macaroni salad (500yen).

The most popular dish is deep-fried, tube-shaped fish paste with seaweed (450 yen).

Commonly known as “Emerald”.

Mr. Yashujiro Tada is the owner.
He is loved by customers and they call him “Ya-chan”

At Maruchiba, anyone, regardless of regular or first-time customers, can always have fun time.

This overwhelming ambience is something that has been built for a long time.

Customers from overseas are often seen here too.

Restaurant Data

TEL:+81-3-3872-4216(Reservations available)
Address: 1-1-3 Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Access: 12-minute walk from Minamisenju Station on the Tokyo Metro Line or Tsukuba Express Line
Opening hours: 14:00-21:00
Closed on Wednesdays and public holidays
Price range: from 2,000 yen (Credit cards not accepted)
Seats: Counter 18 and Table 12
Smoking allowed
*Established 60 years ago


A superior at my work took me here for the first time three years ago.
I liked its open atmosphere.

I recently come here alone almost every once a week.

I can have fun time at Maruchiba.

Since Maruchiba offers comfortable time, I tend to stay longer while savoring drinks.

Although it offers delicious food and a good atmosphere, the best is hospitality of Ya-chan (The owner Mr. Yashujiro Tada).

I was impressed by how he handled customers.

First, he treats regular and first-time customers almost the same way.

Next, he talks with customers depending on each customer’s preference.

For example, when replying to customers, changing tone of voice will give a different impression.

I think such his manner is the top-level.

He is attentive to customers in a subtle way.

From Minamisenju Station, the closest station, you can see giant Tokyo Skytree, and walk through a skid row area called Sanya.

A former red-light district that often appears in Rakugo (comic storytelling) and Namidabashi, a bridge that was used in “Ashita no Joe”, an action manga, are nearby.

You can enjoy a different atmosphere from the west of Tokyo on the way to Maruchiba.

It’s a bit similar to go sightseeing.

Maruchiba offers dishes made with seasonal ingredients. For example, rapeseed blossoms in mustard dressing and simmered Japanese butterbur are served in spring.

Dishes with Japanese loach in summer.

Hot pot dishes and oyster sautéed in butter in winter. All dishes are delicious.

I think Maruchiba is a shop on the other side of deliciousness.

It means beyond delicious.

Heart rather than taste.

I feel that Maruchiba can guarantee me a happy time by only visiting here.

For me, Maruchiba is not only a precious izakaya but also the best izakaya in Japan.