298nky in Sendai

Excellent yukhoe (raw beef seasoned with various spices, served with raw egg yolk)🍴Amazing! I could eat raw beef! …

It had a soft texture. The sweetness of beef fat went well with sweet sauce.

Appetizer: smoked salmon roll topped with salmon roes
If you eat a smoked salmon roll in one bite, you can enjoy its excellent combination of salmon’s flavor, rich extract from salmon roe, and onion’s crispness!

Beef liver
The liver was tender and juicy. It went well with sesame flavor!

Kimuchi (fermented red chili Chinese cabbage)
Kimuchi had a simple but rich flavor. It was not spicy.

Gyutan (beef tongue)
Sliced gyutans had a crunchy texture and were lightly salted.

I could devour them!

Green salad with 14 ingredients
The salad was served with a honey mustard dressing containing anchovies.

Its subtle sweetness and spiciness helped increase my appetite!

The salad contained a variety of vegetables, so it was a full array of nutrients!

Yukgaejang (spicy beef soup)
The soup was less spicy than it looked. It had a light and mild but rich flavor.

It kept me warm!

Reimen (cold noodles)
The soup had a rich dashi (savory broth) flavor.

It went well with gentle and elastic noodles. I could finish it easily.

The restaurant’s entrance
You can have authentic and healthy dishes until 6am in the morning.

It is a hole-in-the-wall place with excellent dishes!

Tel: +81-50-5828-2387
Address: Chidoriya Building 1F 9-32 Kokubu-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi↓