TAIZAN in Sendai

Raw thickly-sliced gyutan (beef tongue)🍴Gutan were thickly sliced and very juicy…

I ate the first one straight, and the second one with lemon juice…


I wanted to eat delicious meat at night so I decided to go to Taizan.
The interior of Taizan is bright, modern, and clean.

Assorted Kimuchi (fermented red chili dish) platterYou can enjoy a variety of Kimuchi, such sweet but spicy one and simple one!

Sendai beef rib called galbiSweetness of beef fat paired well with that of the sauce!

Middle-class loin called chu-roastThe meat was less fatty and tender. Healthy!

I recommend you to eat the meat with crispy and sweet spring onion. So good!

Degutanmen (noodles served in spicy soup)The spicy soup was full of beef umami (rich flavor). Very delicious!

Please eat it after mixing well with meat, noodle, and soup…

I felt full but I couldn’t stop eating it!

In winter, you can have a close look at Sendai’s specialty ‘Hikarino Pageant (illumination)’

Taizan is suitable to have a date or a business meeting.

Tel: +81-22-738-9929
Address: 3F 3-2-5 Kokubun-chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi↓