Lean tuna marinated soy sauce that offers pleasant aroma

The biggest star among sushi toppings is, off course, tuna…

Recently, fattiest or medium fatty tuna are popular because of their mouth-melting texture and high-qualities.

However, among Edomae sushi, marinated lean tuna was originally popular.

Its vivid red gradation looks beautiful.

Distinctive iron flavor of lean tuna becomes gentle by marinating with soy-based sauce.

Lean tuna was marinated with nikiri soy sauce*.

This was derived from an idea how to prevent tuna discoloration and to preserve freshness, shine, and rich flavor of tuna at the period when refrigerators were not invented.

*Nikiri soy sause: sauce mixed with soy sauce, water, sake, mirin (sweet sake), and broth.

Water contained in Tuna will be evaporated by being marinated in this sauce. In addition, enzyme power contained in soy sauce will condense tuna’s umami.

The flavor of marinated lean tuna will vary depending on the processes and the duration of marinating and it will present the sushi shop’s character.

Please try some Edomae sushi when visiting Japan.

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