Tokyo trip: A secret restaurant where you can have yakitori that goes well with beer

Beer and Yakitori(grilled chicken)

I love beer

However, as I’m on a low carb diet, I usually refrain from drinking beer.

When I come to Tokoshima, I exceptionally drink as many as eight beers while devouring yakitori (grilled chicken skewers).

In this feature, I’m going to introduce Tokoshima, a famous yakitori restaurant offering excellent yakitori that goes perfectly well with Ebisu beer, one of the most popular beer in Japan.

In addition, I’m going to explain which yakitori goes well with beer.

Beer will bring the best out of umami of each yakitori!!

Chicken breast strip skewer with wasabi on top

Chicken breast strip skewer is lightly grilled over charcoal and is served on top with the top-quality wasabi produced in Ikadaba, Shizuoka.

The combination of mouth-melting texture of chicken breast strip and refreshing flavor of wasabi is superlative!

Beer will enhance its subtle flavor.

Chicken and leek skewer

Chicken thigh with the skin on is grilled over charcoal until the skin becomes crispy.

The pleasant flavor of this crispy skin goes well with hop aroma of beer.

This combination is so delicious that you want to order another beer!

Liver skewer

You will love beauty of its surface and mouth-melting texture when you bite it!

You can enjoy liver without any unpleasant smell only because a whole chicken is slaughtered and dressed in the morning on that day.

Its sauce and the shininess of the liver can increase the urge to drink more beers.

Shishito pepper skewer

Since shishito pepper is in season in early spring, now is good time to enjoy it.

The owner at Tokoshima is especially particular for grilling pepper just right to bring out the best out of its green color.

Beer lovers cannot resist this distinctive flavor!

Chicken meatball skewer

Three different ground chicken is mixed so that customers can enjoy three different textures.

You can enjoy not only its firm texture but also mouth-melting texture.

This skewer is a specialty of Tokoshima.

You must order a rice bowl with raw egg on top for a finishing meal!

After being satisfied with seasonal side dishes and yakitori, you must order a rice bowl with raw egg, Tokoshima’s most famous dish in the end!

It uses delicious, secret sauce with rich flavors, the same sauce used with yakitori.

Egg white is whisked until it becomes fluffy like meringue. The dish is the owner’s idea to offer a light finishing meal.

A bowl of rice with plenty of sauce umami and egg that is able to quickly pass down the throat goes well with beer as well!

The owner knows everything about chicken.

That’s why he seriously considers which beer to select.

Since its opening, the restaurant only offers Ebisu beer.

The owner Tokoshima explained, “Simply, because Ebisu beer can go well with all flavors that grilled chicken has.

Chicken umami that increase as you bite grilled chicken, sweetness of grilled sauce, and pleasant aroma when being grilled over charcoal…

These flavors will be gently wrapped by Ebisu beer with perfect balance of rich malt flavor, hop aroma and bitterness.

Many gourmets have been impressed by yakitori at Tokoshima.

The owner Shoichi Tokoshima obtained poultry slaughtering and processing business certification and operates the restaurant.

Chicken using at Tokoshima is its original breed, mixed with an ideal French breed to make it perfect for yakitori.

The owner Tokoshima slaughtered and dressed chicken at the restaurant in the morning and grilled it on that day.

As he knows everything about chicken, he selected beer that goes well with yakitori more carefully than anybody.

He puts his soul into each skewer when grilling it and serves it at perfect time one after another while observing each customer at the restaurant.

His sincere passion towards yakitori and various creative menu items that changes depending on the season got many fans hooked and won’t let them go.

Tokoshima is definitely an ideal yakitori restaurant for beer lovers.

Please visit here on your trip to Tokyo.

Restaurant Data

Name: Tokoshima(床島)
Address: Luna Park Sangenjaya 105, 2-8-10 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Access: An eight-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station
Tel: +81-3-5486-3318
Type: Washoku & yakitori
Recommended occasions: Dinner,date
Opening hours: 17:30-23:30(L.O.22:00)
Closed days: Sundays and the first Monday of every month
*If a public holiday falls on Sunday, the restaurant will be open and will be closed on the following day of Monday.
Use of credits cards: Available (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, and Diners)
Seats: 17 (including counter-seats)
Smoking or Non-smoking: Non-smoking