The best order to enjoy delicious sushi

Sushi will become more delicious when you have them in the right order…

At all sushi shops including conveyor belt sushi shops, you can order sushi as you like.

However, if you have them in the right order, the delicious flavors of sushi’s toppings will be reduced and they will become iffy.

So, I’m going to teach you the best order to enjoy delicious sushi that I got from George, my sushi chef friend.

Start from light flavor sushi toppings.

White fish, including red snapper, flatfish, and Japanese seabass, has a light flavor so that it is good to eat first.

You cannot enjoy the light flavor of white fish’s umami after you have a strong flavor topping.


Japanese seabass(suzuki)

Spotted halibut(hosigarei)

Eat strong flavor sushi toppings.

Strong flavor toppings include shellfish that has different umami compared to fish, red fleshed fish such tuna and bonito that have a robust flavor, blue-backed fish such as gizzard shad and mackerel, vinegar-marinated blue-backed fish, and roe.

Ark shell(akagai)



Gizzard shad(kohada)

Sea urchin(uni)

Salmon roe(ikura)

When you eat tuna, you should eat light, red fleshed fish before eating fatty tuna.

Sea urchin and salmon roe have a rich flavor alone, and yet combine with strong aroma of seaweed.

Eat sweet flavor sushi toppings.

Sweet sauce coated over sushi toppings such as conger eel can reduce distinctive umami of shellfish, fatty flavor of tuna and yellowtail, and strong aroma of blue-backed fish.

Rolled omelet containing sweet can also have this effect.

Sushi rolls such as dried ground roll and cucumber roll can refresh your mouth so it’s the best to eat in the end.

Conger eel(anago)


Rolled omelet(tamagoyaki)

Dried ground roll(kanpyoumaki)

Tuna roll(tekkamaki)

Cucumber roll(kappamaki)

The order I have introduced here is basic one.

The more you eat sushi, the better you will understand your preferable order to eat sushi.