Creative cheese burger that I encountered [Kyoto, Japan]

-Creative cheese burger-

I recently returned to my hometown Kyoto.

I met with my friend from the university for the first time in five years.

I expected that we would have a touching reunion.

However, right after we met, my friend said,

“I’ve found a burger that Shiori must try!”

Then, she took me to a hideaway café at a residential area in Kyoto by car.

Immediately after we arrived at the café, we ordered Arashiyama cheese burger(嵐山チーズバーガー) 1,680 yen, the best recommended burger of my friend.

The cheese burger set comes with potato, salad, and a drink.

Surprisingly, you can choose either an alcohol drink or a non-alcohol drink.

A staff brought me my cheese burger in 10 minutes.


When I carefully looked the burger, I didn’t find any cheese, the main ingredient, on the burger, even I ordered a cheese burger.

I was hungry and got annoyed by this.  I asked the staff with a strong tone,
“I don’t see any cheese in my burger! Is the cheese burger that I ordered?”

The staff replied with a smile.
“We’re going to pour cheese on top of the burger now.”

Wow!  Another staff came to me and poured melted cheese directly from a frying pan.

The spectacular performance and rich aroma of cheese stimulated my appetite!

Place buns on top of it and then completed!

The buns have firm texture and its sweetness increased as I bite it more.

This sweetness and umami from cheese and meat are perfectly balanced.

“My hometown is the best!”

I screamed in my mind. (laugh)

Please try this fantastic cheese burger when you visit Arashiyama(嵐山), Kyoto(京都)!

Atmosphere of restaurant

This resort-style café suddenly appears in a quiet residential area.

The sign said that the café opened on 1st April this year plus a photo of the burger.

It is situated on the first floor of a hotel called The Grand West.

Plants at the café creates a resort-style atmosphere.

This open style café where there is no boundary between inside and outside makes the feeling of a holiday.

You can eat at the café or for take-out.

Couples and cyclers came here to get coffee.

7 seats at the bar counter has a lot of light so that it is a good place to take photos of food.

You will feel like you see a live performance because food and drinks here are prepared right in front of you.

It provides a stylish and fashionable atmosphere.

Behind the bar counter, there is a large table with 8 seats.

You can enjoy a meal with a group here.

At the attractive counter with a simple designed wall, you can see many kinds of alcohols including liqueurs.

You can drink at both lunch and dinner.

Restaurant information

Name: CROSS Burger&Beer/Coffee

Closest station: Hankyu Arashiyama Station
Tel: +81-75-863-5885
Opening hours: Lunch 11:00-15:00 and Dinner 18:00-23:00
Closed days: Open daily