Excellent Washoku(和食) made by George, a Japanese chef

-Many Washoku (和食) that have impressed me-


Each sashimi has beautiful color and looks shinny

All sashimi is very tasty, including tuna with elegant umami, bonito with powerful umami, and salmon with a gentle, sweet flavor.

Sea urchin

Its shell is stuffed with plenty of organ meat.

It’s refreshing umami gradually spread through my mouth.

I’ve never encountered such delicious sea urchin before, even at the three-star Michelin restaurants.

You can have such sea urchin only at George in Japan.

Sushi (Char & Octopus)

Every detail of sushi is calculated by the chef, such as preparation of fish, quantity of soy sauce, and firmness of rice.

The more you bite sushi, the better you can enjoy the combination of fish umami and rice sweetness.

You will feel unexpressive happiness.

Charcoal-grilled Kainomi

Kainomi (bottom flap)
is expensive compared to other beef parts.

The combination of its firm umami and sweet fat creates a gentle, pleasant flavor.

Colorful vegetables served together will make red Kainomi look gorgeous.

I want to visit this restaurant repeatedly after I have eaten all the menu items.

The name of both the restaurant and the chef is George.

There is a great chef in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.

His name is 譲司(Jouji).

His customers call him George because of the same pronunciation as the Japanese name Jouji.

Then, the restaurant is also called George.

I asked the chef, “Why is the restaurant’s name written in English, even you offer Washoku(和食).”

He replied, “I want foreigners who are interested in Washoku(和食) to visit my restaurant.”

“I thought they would be easier to come to my restaurant if the name is written in English”

“Also, if my restaurant name is the same as my name, it would be easier for my customers to remember my restaurant. (laugh)”

His amazing career and qualifications

George is 42 years old now.

His parents run sushi restaurant along Tsugaru Strait, the holy ground of tuna.

He grew up watching his father, a sushi chef, and having contact with fish since he was born.

He worked as an apprentice at sushi and Washoku restaurants for 24 years, since he was 18 years old.

All dishes that he prepares are excellent, including sushi and sashimi.

He is professional for not only food but also alcohol.

He has three qualifications related to alcohol.

The first one is SAKE DIPLOM.

This is a qualification given to the person who is very knowledgeable about sake.

I want you to ask George each time when he serves a dish to you.

“Could you tell me which sake goes well with this dish?”

You will be satisfied with the sake he will select.

The second one is sommelier.

*It is a sommelier batch on the chest.

He is an expert on not only sake but also wine. Amazing!

You think
“Wine doesn’t go well with Washoku !?”

I also thought so,

George broke down such a stereotype of mine.

Natural white wine he selected went perfectly well with sushi and sashimi.

Natural red wine he selected also went well with charcoal-grilled meat.

“You are genius for selecting wine that goes well with Washoku!”

I cried out in my mind.

Actually, 70 percent of his customers ordered wine.

The third one is tequila maestro.

This is a qualification given to the person who is very knowledgeable about tequila.

I asked him, “Why do you have tequila, a dangerous liquor, at your Washoku restaurant?”

“To be honest, I love tequila.”

“I accidentally put tequila on the counter, many customers asked me to serve it. (Laugh)”

“So, now tequila is always on the menu. (Laugh).”

Gorge said, “Many customers drink tequila in the end of meal.”

I said him, “I have a terrible impression about tequila.

I drank it at once and I suddenly felt so good, but I became hangover on the following day and I felt terribly bad.”

“All tequila at my restaurant are purely made from cactus so they are authentic ones.”

“They are expensive compared to cheap tequila containing additives.”

“Please savor it while enjoying its flavor.”

“Then your body gradually becomes warm and you get cheerful too.”

“You don’t get hangover if you savor these free-additive tequilas.”

I drank three tequila in the end over his fascinating talk.

Both my body and mind became warm.

My stomach was full.

George was an excellent Washoku restaurant.

Thank you, George.

I will certainly visit here again.

Restaurant information

Name: George
Address: 4-4-1-102 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi

Access: A three-minute walk from the east exit of JR Sendai Station
*It is wise to make a reservation in advance because the restaurant is very popular.
*No-smoking in order to enjoy aroma of dishes and alcohols