The best sushi restaurant is not listed on the Michelin guide.

-Excellent fatty tuna-

Remove sinew one by one with tweezers while looking through microscope.

Then score a total of 50 places with a knife: 25 on the front and 25 on the back.

This is godlike technique and is only possible for those who have mastered sushi.

The tuna incredibly looks beautiful.

At the moment when you eat it, you will shiver with its impressive aroma and umami that spreads through your mouth.

Its texture is so smooth that you don’t feel any oddness.

Fat will quickly melt in your mouth and its gentle flavor will spread through your mouth.

-The master chef is a university researcher.-

The master chef is passionate about sushi research.

He is so dedicated to sushi that he has been researching about fish and had written research articles about fish at a university.

He is called “Sushi pervert” among foodies. (Laugh)

-Sushi restaurant that I want to visit more than Michelin three-star sushi restaurants-

Have you ever seen such sushi with such tuna?

I have seen it only here.

You cannot eat fatty toro at this level at Michelin three-star sushi restaurants, such as Sukiyabashijiro and Sushi Saito.

The restaurant that I’m talking about is Fujinaga(ふじなが).


The restaurant offers Omakase course menu only.

The price will be between 35,000 to 40,000 yen depending on the ingredients of that day.

The course I ate was the following:

1.Nombei five items set

[Finely chopped sea bream with miso, soy-glazed monkfish, snow crab, homemade salted mullet roe, and laver boiled in soy sauce

2.Medium fatty tuna

3.Medium-sized gizzard shad

4.Rockfish soup

5.Spot prawn


7.Whelk liver sautéed with butter and soy sauce

8.Squid roll

9.Cutlass fish

10.Japanese halfbeak lean

11.Conger eel thick roll

12.Tuna sushi topped with caviar

13.Broiled blue eel

14.Japanese tiger prawn

15.Horse mackerel

1.6Miso soup

17.Sea urchin

All items are excellent !

If you drink a lot of sake, your bill might be over 50,000 yen.

Fujinaga is very pricy but sushi here are beyond those at Michelin three-star sushi restaurants, such as Sukiyabashijiro and Sushi Saito.

-Fujinaga is fully booked for the next six months.-

In addition, it is a member-only restaurant, so you need to become a member or to go with someone who is already a member to visit here.

Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t take any new members after the number of its member became 6,000.

Therefore, please find someone who is a member and visit the restaurant.

It must be possible to go there if you know a Japanese celebrity.

Please ask me if you don’t any.

Actually, I’m a member too.

I became a member there I went there with my celebrity friend who were a member.

Luckly the master chef liked me and he accepted me as a special member even the restaurant didn’t take any new members.

By the way, I am not a celebrity.

It is recommended to come to Japan to eat sushi at Fujinaga.

-Restaurant information-

Name: Fujinaga(ふじなが)
Reservation only & member only
*Even you are not a member, you can make a reservation if you come with someone who is a member.
TEL: +81-3-6435-3522
Address: 2-9-5 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Access: 206 m on foot from Mzabujuban Station.