Meat Festival will be held at Osaka.

肉フェス (Meat Festival) will be held at Osaka on 27th April to 6th May, 2018…

A triple threat of Omigyu, Sagagyu, and Hidagyu!
Furthermore, you can have Horumon (offal) produced in Japan and juicy steak of Okutanba chicken!

You can compare the flavors of the most famous premium beefs in Japan here, including a dig-in steak that is served at 「近江牛 万葉まえだ亭」

and Hidagyu steak that has fine meat texture and is being sold at「森精肉店」.

You also want to try a grilled, produced-in-Japan horumon with its secret, special soy-based sauce offered by「炭火串焼き 串八珍」 , a famous restaurant in Yakiniku hotspot Tsuruhashi,

and a juicy Okutanba chicken thigh steak with full of pleasant aroma in it offered by 「肉バルMoooh!!」.

If you want to enjoy a large size of meat, black angus beef is recommended.

You can have a steak seasoned simply with salt and pepper at 「焼肉 清左ヱ門」

and a juicy block beef grilled on the iron plate, topped with Japanses-flavored onion sauce and coarse pepper at「江戸堀BEEF」 who will participate in this event for the first time.

Please drop by on your trip to japan♪

Meat Festival at Osaka
Jiyu Hiroba in Nagai Park
1-1 Nagai Park, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

~Date & Time:~
10:00-22:00 on 27th April to 6th May, 2018
11:00-22:00 on 27th April, 1st and 2nd May and 10:00-21:00 on 5th May (the last day of the event)
a two-minute walk from Nagai Station by subway.