Meat Festival will be held at Tokyo.

肉フェス (Meat Festival) will be held at Tokyo on 27th April to 6th May, 2018

This is a huge food event that has attracted a total of 5 million visitors until now!

Please drop by on your trip to Japan♪

Dream lineup of rare, premium beef, including Kuroge Wagyu, Sagagyu, and Matsusakagyu!

「敷島ファーム(shikishima farm)」 will offer broiled wagyu lean meat.

「肉処 天穂(nikudokoro tensui)」 will offer thickly-sliced steak and Yakishabu (grilled thinly-sliced meat) of aging Sagagyu.

「肉料理  それがし(nikuryouri soregashi)」, who will participate in this event for the first time, will offer roast beef made with A5 grade, the top quality, beef.

You will be impressed by its tenderness and juiciness and you can fully enjoy its premium quality.

For steak lovers, I recommend 「肉バル Carne Tribe」.

Its legendary Minasegyu is extremely rare Kuroge Wagyu that were raised by a cattle farm in Akita.

「肉匠 とろにく(nikusyou toroniku)」 , who will also participate in this event for the first time will offer Matsusakagyu, one of the most famous Kuroge Wagyu in Japan.

Matsusakagyu will be grilled slowly at a low temperature so the steak will become juicy.

Don’t forget about the undisputed champion, 「肉屋 格之進 F(nikuya kakunoshin F)」 , who has participated in this event since its start in 2014.

Its combo menu of Kanzaki Aging Beef Katamariyaki (grilled block beef) and its popular hamburg steak has been drawing an attention.

「PINETALE2990」,a hideaway meat-dish restaurant & bar in Shinjuku, will offer roast duck and original kangaroo meat dish that will be unusual at the event.

Meat Festival at Tokyo
Odaiba Tokusetsu Stage

1-1-16 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

~Date & Time~
10:00-21:00 on 27th April to 6th May, 2018

a seven-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line, a five-minute walk from Daiba Station or Fune-no-kagakukan Station on the Yurikamome Line.