A diner where you can meet the mother of all in Tokyo

Hiroko is bright like the sun and she shows great hospitality to her customers…
Therefore, both your stomach and mind will be filled when you visit here!

The diner offers many nostalgic dishes, including 2 pieces of grilled Japanese anchovy for 300 yen

simmered red kidney beans for 150 yen

Simmered soy pulp with vegetables and salad for 150 yen each use plenty of vegetables and are cooked with full of love.

2 eggs should be used to make a sunny-side up. 2 sunny-side up eggs for 150 yen.

Attractive items that I feel like trying all of them are lined up on the menu.

Simmered mackerel in miso sause(200 yen),

Mackerels purchased at Tukiji Market were lightly cooked before simmered with miso sause and 2 kinds of seasame: black and white were used to make sesame sause.

Each dish are prepared elaborately.

miso soup with clams (130 yen),

simmered spinach with sesame sause (150 yen),

and home-made rice bran pickles (30 yen)!

Morishita in Fukagawa area has been a merchant town since old times.

Mr, Yutaro and Mrs. Hiroko Hayafune have handed down mother cooking receips in this town and have been operating the diner.

Although they were both born in 1944, they don’t look they are in their 70s.

Hiroko said, “We can only offer dishes that every household can offer.”

“ I recomend grilled Japanese anchovy when customers cannot decide which one to order. Do you feel like trying it now, don’t you?”

About 8 items on the menu are mainly grilled fish and simmered dishes, including simmered soy pulp with vegetables.

These dishes were popular in the Showa period. They continue making them like Showa’s heritage of side dishes.

Yutaro who prepare dishes quietly at the diner was born here and was graduated from the elementaly school in front of the diner.

His mother started the diner soon after the war. She first sold baked sweet potato and shaved ice. He helped the diner since he was three.

Hiroko joined here eight years ago.

They said that they neither used special ingredients nor did something special for their dishes.

However, thick and fatty mackerel was rich flavor of miso sauce and very delicious.

Only experts can make usual dishes dericious.

Hiroko, who is cheerfuly joking while serving customers, provide customers a comfortable atomosphere. She is also an expert to help customers enjoy these dishes.

A cuple crouched down in front of a wodden barrel.

They stired the 40 year-old rice bran.

Fermented aroma spread through the diner.

Restaurant details
Hayafune Shokudo(はやふね食堂)
Address: 3-3-3 Motishita, Kouto-ku, Tokyo

Access:A five-minute walk from Morishita Station on the Toei Oedo Line or the Toei Shinjyuku Line.
Opening hours: 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00 (until cooked rice lasts)
Closed on Sundays (and irregularly)
Price range: starting from 500 yen
Credit cards not accepted
Seats: 20 (including counter seats 4)
Smorking allowed