When it comes to western food restaurants, nothing is better than Yoshikami in Asakusa, Tokyo.

I’m all smiles when tan (beef toung) stew is served…

White rice is essential when you order a stew! Red wine too.

When I come to the restaurant with a group, I usually order an omelette rice or au gratin for sharing, instead of rice.

The restaurant was opened in 1951.

Its slogan is “Sorry for offering too delicious food!” That is not a joke but a sign of commitment that they serve dishes as good as they state that their dishes are very delicious.

Based on their motto “handmade from scratch”, everything served here, including dressing and sauce, is handmade.

The counter seats faces the open kitchen so that customers can enjoy seeing the chefs cooking with their full power.

It’s fun to be seated at the counter here.

I can see the chefs toss a large frying pan using the whole body or create a burst of flames with Flambé while savoring a grass of wine.

I can keep watching them without being bored because they move like an actor.

When coming here with a group of friends, we keep a table at the back of the restaurant for a long time.

The restanrant’s red checked tablecloths, which look typical of western food restaurants, are cute.

We enjoy various dishes over chat, ordring this and that, on the table covered this cute tablecloth.

We all love eating and are a big eater.

Each of us ordered one item as a main dish, such as tan stew and hamburg steak.

Then, we order three or four items as a side dish, such as combination salad and omelette rice, other than a main dishe.

Furthermore, one of us said “ I want to eat cultlet sandwich too.” The staff at the restaurant were astonised by this comment, saying “Really? Do you want to have here, not to take away?”

What I’m impressed by Yoshikami most is that the restaurant offers a cusual atomosphere but its dishes are prepared with great care to the details.

These details, including rich flavor of demi-glace sauce, and texture of boiled kidney beans placed on the side of tan stew, are excellent and provides perfect finishing!

The plum garden and Kamiya bar as well as Yoshikami all offers an unchanged atmosphere since I have visited many times so that I feel comfortable to spend time there.

Asakusa, a whole town itself, offers an old and comfortable atomsphere like them. I think I like Asakusa because of such an atmosphere.

Restarunat details
Address: 1-41-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 11:45-22:00(L.O.)
Closed on Thursdays (if a public holiday falls on a Thursday, the restaurant will be opened.)
Price range: 2,000 yen to 4,000 yen (credit cards accepted)
Seats: 60 (including counter-seats 22)