Sushi Restaurant in Another Dimension: Fujinaga 異次元の”鮨”は”鮓”と書く

“Sushi Fujinaga” is a members-only sushi restaurant located in Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, with about 8,000 members currently registered. As new reservations are not being accepted, the only way to dine there is to be introduced by a regular customer. I was invited to this restaurant and visited the fourth floor of a building just a short walk from Azabu Juban Station.

The restaurant operates with two seating times, from 18:00 to 20:30, and I had made a reservation for the 18:00 seating. However, I had to arrive 5 minutes early to enter the restaurant. The interior had a luxurious feel, with only 12 seats at the counter and no private rooms.

The course lasts for just under two hours, and that’s because all the dishes have a condensed flavor. If it were over two hours, I might get tired. Everything is carefully calculated, and the flavor is built up over time. Master chef Fujinaga tries to verbalize the composition of the taste and sometimes explains it with a microphone to the customers.

The ingredients are top-notch, and you can tell from just one bite. The aroma and aftertaste of the Tuna from Toi on this day were amazing, and the lean meat was surprisingly supple and flavorful. Even if you’re a regular at a sushi restaurant, you rarely encounter such tuna.

Sushi and wine are said not to go well together because of the acidity, but here the wine makes up half of the snacks and is concentrated, so it goes well with the sushi. The raw ham was also from the world of one millimeter, and it had a good aroma. It went perfectly with the Meursault. The horsehair crab was properly heated, bringing out its fragrance.

The sauce made from clams and cockles used in the grilled rockfish of Kinmedai was full of tartaric acid and had a French-like flavor. The deep-fried tiger puffer fish was carefully deboned, so I could eat it without stress, and it was a juicy and flavorful dish. In addition, the eel rice bowl had a crispy and dense sweetness of soy sauce, which was excellent.

The Sayori (halfbeak) marinated with kelp had a strong flavor of kelp and a refreshing taste. The Toro Tekka (fatty tuna and red pepper sushi roll) was a luxurious sushi roll with plenty of fatty tuna.

The grilled Kinmedai (red snapper) had a soft and juicy texture that was wonderful, and it went well with the tartaric acid-full sauce. Lastly, the deep-fried tiger puffer fish was deboned, making it easy to eat, and it was a dish where the juiciness and flavor were condensed.

Furthermore, as the dishes that are served are both luxurious and plentiful, it is understandable that the course lasts for just under two hours. One of the factors that made the food even more enjoyable was that Master Fujinaga explained the composition of the taste thoroughly.

Overall, Sushi Fujinaga is a very luxurious restaurant that focuses on the quality of its ingredients and offers carefully calculated dishes. I felt that it was a place that you need to be introduced to by a regular customer to make a reservation.

「鮓 ふじなが」は、東京都港区麻布十番にある会員制の寿司店で、現在約8,000人の会員がいる。新規の予約は打ち切られているため、常連客に案内してもらうしかない。私はこの店に招待され、麻布十番駅からすぐのビルの4階にある店を訪れた。








全体的に、鮓 ふじながは素材の質にこだわり、緻密に計算された料理が楽しめる、非常に贅沢なお店だと感じました。常連さんに紹介してもらわないと予約が取れないというのも納得できる味わいでした。