Best 3 reasonably-priced & delicious for business men [Shinbashi, Tokyo]

-Shinbashi: Hot spot for lunch-

Shinbashi, Tokyo is a hub of leading companies in Japan.

Many restaurants and cafés compete each other for satisfying the stomachs of business men.

I asked my foodie friend who is working at Shinbashi,

“Please tell me places where I can get a reasonably-priced, delicious, and fulfilling lunch!”

My friend replied below.

-Recommended lunch place best 3-

Recommended lunch place 1: Sakanatei

Assorted Sashimi (Large portion) Set 900 yen

Sashimi platter includes 5 types of fish that were paralyzed and were drained of blood in the morning.

While sea bream has a tight and spongy texture, tuna and tuna mince & onion has a soft and smooth texture.

Tokutoku Set 1,100 yen is also popular that includes the restaurant’s specialty sashimi, and grilled fish or simmered fish.

Grilled Fish (Yellow tail) Set 700 yen

Crispy texture of flavorful grilled skin and soft texture of flesh made me feel good.

I recommend you to eat it without any seasonings at first bite and to eat it with soy sauce at second bite.

The owner go to Tsukiji Market every morning to get fresh fish.  Sashimi that are paralyzed and are drained of blood is popular due to their freshness.

After a meal, customers themselves clear the counter-table and clean there.

With such help from customers, the restaurant has been provided food at a reasonable price for about 20 years.

Restaurant information

Name: Sakanatei(さかな亭)
Address: B1F Sinbashi Ekimae Building No.1, 2-20-15 Sinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-3-3574-0215
Opening hours: 11:30 -14:00(L.O.) and 17:00-22:30
Closed days: Sundays and public holidays

Recommended lunch place 2: Gyukatsu Okada

Beef Loin Lunch Cutlet Set 1,400 yen

Beef lean meat is coated with thin batter and quickly deep-fried to make it rare.  It is very light so your stomach never gets irritated.

Having cutlet with wasabi and soy sauce was first created here.

Preparation starts with slicing meat chunks at 3 every morning.

I recommend you to come here sharply at 11 because there will be a line at noon.

Restaurant information

Name: Gyukatsu Okada(牛かつ おか田)
Address: B1F New Sinbashi Building, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-3-3502-0883
Opening hours: 11:00- 14:00 (while supplies last)
Closed days: Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

Recommended lunch place 3: Tonkatsu Maruya

Pork Loin Cutlet Set 700 yen

Crispy texture of bread crumbs goes perfectly well with soft texture of pork cutlet.

Aroma of lard passes through my nose and umami of the meat gradually spread through my mouth as I bit it.

The strength of multistore operation is that each shop can offer fresh and good-quality meat at a reasonable price.

Restaurant information

Name: Tonkatsu Maruya(とんかつ まるや)
Address: 1F Sinbashi Ekimae Building No.1, 2-20-15 Sinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-3-3573-0318
Opening hours: 11:00-15: 00 and 17:00-21:30(L.O.) *Lunch time only on Saturdays.
Closed days: Sundays and public holidays