Gorgeous sandwich [Tokyo, Japan]

-Gorgeous sandwich-

I got an email from my foodie friend last week.

“I’ve found gorgeous sandwich made by a couple who have leant cooking in Italy!  Why don’t you go there tomorrow?”

I replied,

“I don’t find any excuse to refuse your invitation!”

-Shiori’s recommended sandwich-

Angus beef steak sandwich 1,800 yen


Over 150g beef ramp steak is crispy and flavorful outside and raw and monstrous inside together with plenty of arugula.

Open your mouth as much as you can and take a big bite.

Italian pork tripe sandwich 1,200 yen


Pork tongue, heart, and cheek meat are simmered in vegetable broth until they become tender.

Eat with parsley sauce.

Red onion and red pepper oil do a good job!

Roast pork sandwich 1,200 yen


Soft and tender pork, mango sauce that goes well with the pork, marinated purple cabbage.

You will be addicted to sweet, sourness of the cabbage.

Marinated grilled vegetables and cheese sandwich 900 yen


Juicy vegetables, pecorino cheese, and Genobese sauce.

Your stomach will definitely be full with this sandwich.


“Wow! It’s super big!”

I was astonished by the impressive size of steak.  Focaccia looks small compared to it.

As I bit the sandwich, various flavors and textures came out one after another, including smoothly crisp bread, pleasant aroma of grilled meat, flavorful arugula, and sweet sourness of balsamic.

Then, umami of raw lean meat gradually spread through my mouth!

The restaurant offers 4 classic sandwiches, including pork tripe, pork, vegetables, steak.

Italian pork tripe sandwich was inspired by Lampredotto, a famous Florentine dish (beef reed tripe sandwiched with panini).

Regular customers come here to enjoy a weekly sandwich.

Chef Yokonai told me, “Ideas of my sandwiches can be inspired by anything, such as traveling, and reading books.”

Vegetables on the side will change a few times per week.

Preparation of other menu items such as soup, lasagna, and deserts start early morning every day.

Each of menu items are carefully prepared and you will tingle with the chef’s passion when you eat them.

In contrast with their gorgeous appearance, the sandwiches here are full of kindness.

-Restaurant information-

Name: 3&1 Sandwich
2-2-17, Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Access: A three-minute walk from JR Nishiogikubo Station
Opening hours: 11:30-13:30(L.O.)
Closed days: Mondays (If a Monday falls on a public holiday, the restaurant will be open.)and irregularly closed on Tuesdays
Price: From 900 yen (Credit cards not accepted)
Seats: 17 (Non-smoking)
Tel: +81-3-3301-4277
*Lunch reservations are not available. Take out for sandwiches except steak sandwich is available.