Taste of oden of a long-established restaurant with a history of 96 years [Shinjuku,Tokyo]

-Encounter with Oden Restaurant-

When it comes to oden (Japanese hot pot dish) restaurants, Ginza and Asakusa have famous long-established restaurants.

However, I’ve recently found delicious oden restaurant unexpectedly in Shinjuku that is regarded as a city for young people!

Typical Kanto broth oden(おでん) from 170 yen per piece


All oden ingredients are stewed in a rich-flavored broth.

I was excited to see a wide range of the ingredients.


The rich-flavored broth has completely penetrated into all the ingredients including eggs, radishes, fish cakes, tofu.

However, they were not salty once I ate and umami from broth and sweetness made me feel good.

Tou tea(とう茶) 400 yen


Chazuke-style dish is made a bowl of rice pouring hot tea and oden tofu on top and sprinkling spring onions and pouring plenty of oden broth over it.

This is Otako Shinjuku Restaurant’s specialty.

Many costumers visit the restaurant to have this chazuke.

The interior with a long-establish restaurant’s atmosphere

Otako Shinjuku (おたこう 新宿) Restaurant is famous for a long-established oden restaurant in Shinjuku.

Its interior is calm so that you don’t feel that you are in a busy big city.  The restaurant has as many as 120 seats.

It is a branch restaurant of Otako Nihonbashi Main Restaurant established in 1923.  So, Oden’s taste is guaranteed.

Restaurant information

Restaurant name: Otako Shinjuku (おたこう 新宿)
3-20-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Tel: +81-3-3352-4771
Opening hours: 15:30-23:30(L.O.22:50)on Mondays to Saturdays 15:00-22:30(L.O.22:00)on Sundays and public holidays
Closed days: Wednesdays between October to April, Sundays between May to September, New Year’s holidays, Golden week (in May), the third Monday in July, 11th August, and Obon holiday (3 days including Sunday)