Teishokuya offering a homelike atmosphere as I feel like saying “I’m home”. [Tokyo, Japan]

Last week, one of my foodie friends in Tokyo told me,

“I ‘ve found a delicious teishokuya (diner that offers set menu) situated in an ordinary house!


So, I went there right away.

I told my boss a lie, “I have a business meeting with my client so I’m out of office!” and I went there secretly.

Shiori’s most recommended menu item

Stewed hamburger steak 1,000 yen


Limited 20 items per day.

Japanese-style sauce with plenty of onions was created to go well with rice.

I ate it up to the last drop.

Special stir-fried black pork with ginger 950 yen


Gentle sweetness of fat and aroma of ginger stimulated my appetite.  I just couldn’t stop eating it.

I ate up the rice at once.

“Another rice, please!”

I told a staff cheerfully. (Laugh)

Side dishes and sweets (four above images) that are the best features of Obata’s home cooking will vary daily.

All set menu items include these four homemade items.

Other recommended menu items

Miso soup with pork and vegetables & a bowl of rice topped with salmon and roe 980 yen


A bowl of rice topped with Japan’s produced black pork cutlet 1,000 yen



The restaurant is situated in a crowded residential area and looks a normal house at a glance.

It is called “Gohanya(御飯家)”.


Instead of using屋 (shop), 家 (home) is used for its name.  First-time customers will be confused with its home-like atmosphere.

Its interior looks as if you were in the home of your friend.

However, once you open the door, you will clearly notice that this is not a house.

The restaurant is full of pleasant aroma.

The best menu item is a hamburger steak made by Ms. Sumiko Obata, the mother of the restaurant.

Her son Hisashi prepared sauce full of onions and stewed a hamburger steak in it.  That makes incredibly delicious hamburger steak.

All the dishes at the restaurant has deliciousness and simplicity.  I want to brag about them to someone.

In addition, that goes well with rice.

The rice was grown by Sumiko’s brother in Nagano and is polished here on that day.

It is delicious as if you noticed the beauty of a childhood friend who have often seen.

I ate side dishes of the day, a hamburger steak, miso soup, rice in order.

While I’m deeply enjoying the food, I get motivated.

If you choose a stir-fried black pork with ginger as a main dish, you will get the same feeling.

Sumiko said that she like her customers call her a mother.

Therefore, I left the restaurant, saying “See you later”.

On the next visit, please enter the restaurant, saying “I’m home.” (Laugh)

Restaurant information

Name: Gohanya(御飯家)
Address: 3-11-8 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

TEL: +81-3-3461-7940
Opening hours: 11:30 -14:30(L.O.)
Closed days: Sundays and public holidays
Price: from 950 yen
Seats: 22 seats
*Credit cards not accepted and non-smoking.