Warm-hearted shokudo operated by a big family [Tabata, Tokyo]

-long-established diner-

Today, I’m going to introduce Dozakashokudo(動坂食堂).

It is a long-established diner with a history starting in 1950.  Amazing!

The diner has been run by a whole family, including the owner Mr. and Mrs. Amano, their son-in-law, and their grandchildren.

Dozakashokudo is my recommended diner that offers warm-hearted food and atmosphere.

-Shiori’s recommended menu item-

Mixed deep-fried set 980 yen

I’m excited to see a variety of deep-fried food in different colors.

My recommended one is a large fried prawn.

Please dip it into three different sauces including tartar sauce, regular sauce, and mustard.  Very Yummy!

Sardine tempura set 800 yen

This is an unusual tempura: sardine wrapped with a shiso leaf was deep-fried.

Crispy batter and thick texture of sardine made me feel good.

The flavor of shiso leaf and intense umami of sardine stimulated my appetite so that I could devour rice.


I love sardine tempura.

When it comes to a set menu, compared to light flavor of rice, distinctive intense flavor of sardine tempura will show its character.

This character is actually subtle, it will vary depending on its freshness.

Straight to the point, Dozakashokudo’s sardine tempura is excellent!

All small bones of sardine have been carefully removed.

Shiso leaf was tangled with soft tummy of sardine.  Combination of shiso flavor and sardine umami was fantastic!

Oil used for deep-fried keeps fresh and clean so that its taste is always delicious.

Please eat it while it is still hot!  Its taste will go bad when it becomes cold.

Eat it without any seasonings at the first bite.

Together with crispy texture, shiso flavor and sardine umami gradually spread through my mouth.

I recommend you to dip it lightly into sauce and eat with rice at the second bite.

Fried horse mackerel set is also popular.

Grilled fish
and simmered seasonal fish are delicious too.

You can enjoy sophisticated original dishes here, including beef curry whose roux was completely homemade,

homemade beef stew that is a winter’s popular menu item, miso soup with pork and vegetables, a variety of simmered dishes or small bowl dishes.

The owner Amano told me, “Dozakashokudo originally sold roasted sweet potatoes and ice pops soon after the war.  Then it became a delicatessen and turned out to be a diner.”

The taste and family that have been built over time makes this warm-hearted atmosphere.

I deeply thought about that.

-Restaurant information-

Name: Dozakashokudo(動坂食堂)
Address: 4-13-6 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Access: A 10-minute walk from JR Tabata Station
Tel: +81-3-3828-4498
Opening hours: 10:00-21:30(L.O.)
Closed days: Sundays and public holidays
Price: from 1,000 yen (Credit cards not accepted)
Seats: 40 (Non-smoking)