Fantastic, reasonably-priced chirashizushi including as many as 40 ingredients[Tokyo,Japan]

-Famous sushi shop Sushisho(すし匠)

Today, I’m going to introduce Sushisho(すし匠), a famous sushi shop in Yotsuya that has trained many talented chefs who currently work at famous sushi shops in Tokyo.

-Fantastic chirashizushi(ちらしずし)-

This is chirashizushi(ちらしずし) for 2,000 yen at lunch.

This is absolutely flawless gem of chirashizushi.

Locals often say this is a treasure box or a god willing.

It is far beyond your expectation of 2,000-yen chirashizushi.

Chirashizushi includes about 40 ingredients.

These ingredients, including marinated lean tuna, squid, octopus, conger eel, halfbeak, sea urchin, gizzard shad, shrimp, are heavenly shinning on top of fluffy rice.

What surprised me most was the quantity and quality of salmon roe

Umami was condensed into its thin skin.

And I’ve found many largely-chopped steamed abalones here.

These ingredients were carefully prepared and were arranged completely harmony in a bowl.  Gentle-flavored thin strips of egg and mushroom are key element of chirashizushi too.

-You can make a reservation for a reasonably-priced fantastic lunch!-

Although Sushisho is a high-end sushi shop with above 20,000 yen at dinner,

limited 40 lunches are available for 2,000 yen per person only on three days a week including Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during lunch time.

Please bear in mind that you can make a reservation for this special lunch.

Most luxurious sushi shops don’t accept lunch reservations unless they offer over 4,000 or 5,000 yen lunch course.  However, you can make a lunch reservation at Sushisho.

-33-year-old young head chef-

Head chef Kenji Nakazawa was the face of Sushisho.  He moved to Hawaii last year and handed over his position to Keita Katsumata.

Katsumata has already attracted customers. I asked why he continue providing lunch service. He replied, “I need to prepare sushi toppings in front of customers when I open the shop at lunch time. I can focus on the preparation and enjoy conversations with customers while preparing. Having conversations with customers while working will be the best training for a sushi chef.” He added, “The primary reason is to allow many customers to easily enjoy authentic sushi taste.”

Although it is only at lunch, this is a fantastic chirashizushi that you can fully enjoy the taste of Sushisho.

-Restaurant information-

Name: Sushisho(すし匠)
Address: Yorindo Building 1F, 1-11 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access: A five-minute walk from Yotsuya Station
Tel: +81-3-3351-6387
Opening hours for lunch: starts at 11:30-, 12:10-, or 12:50- on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays