Bread Festival at the site of a TV station in Tokyo.

Odaiba Bread Festival(お台場 パン祭り) that has attracted a total of 100,000 visitors until now will be held at the site of Fuji TV at Odaiba, Tokyo, for four days, from 2nd to 5th May, 2018

This will be the fifth time of the event.

Many popular bakeries including newcomers will participate in the event.

There will be many first time attending bakeries at the event, including Negi Pan(ネギパン), a bakery run by Takaoka bread factory that sales 500 bread per day in Kumamoto,

and Konkorudo, a bakery that offers Oniku Gorogoro Curry Pan(お肉ごろごろカレーパン), a bread stuffed with homemade curry.

You can also try a Hisui Pan(ヒスイパン), a bread made by Shimizu bread factory in Toyama,

a Nama Shoku Pan(「生」食パン), a white bread loaf made by Nogami bakery in Kyoto,

and a Blueberry Bread(ブルーベリーブレッド) made by Penny Lane, a famous bakery in Tochigi.

Furthermore, you can try a Chuggington & Wilson Pan(チャギントン ウィルソンパン)

,bread made in collaboration with a bakery and a TV program that was sold out at the previous event,

and a Puppy Laugh Pan(小犬のラフちゃんパン), the Fuji’s character bread.

More and more….

You will see a wide range of bread all over Japan at the festival, including a Bara Pan(バラパン), rose-shaped bread that looks cute,

and an Avec Toast(アベックトースト), a bread served at school and regarded as a soul food of resident in Akita.

Event details
The fifth Odaiba Pan Festival
Date: 2nd to 5th May, 2018
Time: 10:00-16:00 (Not confirmed yet)
Location: Headquarters of Fuji TV
Address: 2-4-8 Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

*Note: Special Selection and Jimoto Pan Corner will open only at 13:00-16:00 (Not confirmed yet)
Admission: free of charge
*Note: An admission fee for 500 yen per adult and 300 yen per child in an elementary or junior high school (included tax) will require when entering Hachitama, a spherical observation room, on the 25th floor and on the 24th floor.